Books & Journals

Recent publications include:

Herbert L. Meiselman (Ed.) Emotion Measurement, Woodhead, Cambridge, UK.

Den Uijl, L.C., Jager, G., de Graaf, C., Meiselman, H.L. and Kremer, S. (2016) Emotion, olfaction, and age: A comparison of self-reported food-evoked emotion profiles of younger adults, older normosmic adults, and older hyposmic adults. Food Quality and Preference, 48, 199–209

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Ristic, R., Johnson, T.E., Meiselman, H.L., Hoek, A.C., and Bastian, S.E.P. (2016) Towards development of a Wine Neophobia Scale (WNS): Measuring consumer wine neophobia using an adaptation of The Food Neophobia Scale (FNS). Food Quality and Preference, 49, 161-167.

Van Zyl, H. and Meiselman, H.L. (2016) An update on the roles of culture and language in designing emotion lists: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Food Quality and Preference, in press.

Kuesten, C., Dang,J., Nakagawa, M., Bi,J., and Meiselman, H.L. (2016) Propensity score analysis (PSA) for sensory causal inference– Global consumer psychographics and applications for phytonutrient supplements. Food Quality and Preference, in press.